What's new? v2018.2

We are really excited to introduce Paddle Logger Edition!!

Paddle Logger is now free for users to download with upgrade features as part of Paddle Logger Edition. This subscription includes all current features as well as new features that we will be adding in the future! 

To thank everyone that has supported Paddle Logger to date given valuable feedback and helped to shape the product to where it is now (Paddle Logger Founders) we will be giving you free access to Paddle Logger Edition until 2020. Thanks Paddle Logger Founding Members!

Why have we done this? Frankly, it is to make sure we are able to give the user a better experience. Allowing us to spend more time developing new features and squishing bugs should they arise. We have developed a list of new features that we will periodically release as part of Paddle Logger Edition as well as some which will require a separate purchase - the reasons of which will become clear. We love paddling and being on the water, we want to help make you be the best paddler you can be and love being on the water as much as we do! Hope you enjoy!