Instantly become a more responsible paddler.

Paddle Logger PiT, Be responsible on the water


PiT (Paddler in Trouble) provides peace of mind to you and your loved ones while you are out on the water.

After a quick and simple setup, just start tracking your journey with Paddle Logger and we do the rest.

No extra effort, but all of the benefits of being connected should you get into difficulty.

How does it work?

Simply, designated a time that you think you will be on the water for, go paddling. You can easily adjust this whilst you are on the water.

If you are still on the water beyond your expected end time PiT will send you notifications to check you are ok. If you are ok, check in and extend your expected journey time.

If you don’t respond, or choose to fire Flare an alert is sent to your chosen contacts. This message will ask them to check in with you and have a link to a webpage which shows a map of your current location, grid references, as well as data about your current battery life.

Once they have assessed the situation it is then their responsibility to, only if required, contact the relevant authorities to initiate an efficient rescue.


PiT - Paddler in Trouble is not a comprehensive safety system, nor do we purport to sell it as such. It is a system which has been designed, with no extra effort by yourself, to provide an additional layer of security by automatically connecting you with your friends or family. We always recommend the use of PiT as part of a multi-tiered approach to safety which accounts for redundancy and is appropriate for the conditions and type of paddling you will be doing. Unlike the tracking modes of Paddle Logger, PiT is only able to send out information when it has a cell signal, if you are in an area with mixed signal, PiT will packet data and keep trying. If you know you will be paddling in a location with limited or no signal, do ensure you take another form of communication, like a radio and/or personal locator beacon.

Paddle Logger Ltd. received a Rapid innovation Grant from the Marine Challenge Fund, part of the ERDF’s European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020. This partly funded the PiT project by providing hardware and IT services allowing us to rapidly innovate and rigorously test the new service to improve the reliability of the system. The launch of PiT forms a crucial part of our business growth strategy.